Foster parents give our communities’ most vulnerable children a chance to prosper emotionally mentally, physically, and socially. “Providing a loving, nurturing home to a child in need is incredibly meaningful and important,” said Nicole Coughlin, director of intensive foster care at the Gándara Center. “It’s not always easy, but the emotional rewards of the experience are immeasurable.” 

     At Gándara we believe there are no unwanted children, just unfound families. And we help prepare these families for a successful child placement. Elsa Dones, who has been a Gándara Center foster parent for seven years, never hesitates to tell potential foster parents about the joys of her experience. “I tell them that there are also struggles, but Gándara is there for you,” she said. She described the agency’s ongoing consultation, training, and resources  as a “team” approach to foster care. “That’s what makes Gándara so special,” she said.

Foster parenting gives the gifts of kindness, patience, and compassion—and gives foster children a chance

at a good life.