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Behavioral Monitor - Bedford, MA

May 27, 2024

 Will work with youth under 21 years of age and their families in the home. They will work closely with an In-Home Behavior Therapist (IHBT) to treat challenging behaviors that interfere with the youth’s successful functioning. The BM will implement the behavior treatment plan, monitor the youth’s behavior, reinforce the implementation of the behavior plan by the parent/guardian/caregiver, and report to the IHBT on implementation of the behavior plan and progress toward behavioral objectives or performance goals.

1-year exp. as a clinical psychologist or related, bachelor’s in psychology or related or equivalent using a credential evaluation agency.  

$47,000 (PQ)


Send Resume to:

Rebeca Hierro-Pardo

Gandara Center

933 East Columbus Ave, Springfield, MA 01104

Outpatient Clinician - Brockton, MA

May 16, 2024


Work within the OPMH Clinic’s team model, establishing open communication, support and accountability among workers and consumers.  Actively promotes the philosophy of the OPMH Clinic, and maintains a high level of commitment to the program. Provide Case management and services to consumers and be accountable for the quality and quantity of casework. Develop strong, supportive relationships with the clients.  Provide for client care and safety.   Interact with clients in order to assess needs, provide information, discuss problems, set limits and encourage growth and development.  Monitor clients’ progress. Provide crisis intervention.  Complete social case histories of clients for diagnostic treatment and referral purposes.   Develop treatment plans with clients and relatives.  Assist in the placement of clients in appropriate services as needed. 


Master’s degree in psychotherapy related using a credential agency plus 1 year experience as a mental health therapist or related.

(VO) 52,000.00

Send Resume to:

Rebeca Hierro-Pardo

Gandara Center

2155 Main St. Springfield, MA 01104


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