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Clinical Triage Screener


In Holyoke MA, Follow all policies regarding Screening and Triage. follow mandated reporting requirements and emergency protocols. Keep a Triage Log for all youth referred for IHT and ICC.  Screen and Triage all referrals, considering all critical factors including medical necessity, informed family choice, urgency (including risk factors), impending events and factors affecting engagement, current services received by youth, other providers for whom the youth is being referred, critical factors that may need to be escalated to the Program Director for review using knowledge and experience assessing and diagnosing behavioral and mental health needs of individuals from 3-21 years old.  Prioritize the waitlist according to the greatest needs. Weekly communication with the family on the waitlist to determine if the family is still interested in waiting, or would like a referral to another IHT/ICC provider, and to determine if the condition of the youth/family has changed. Consistent communication with Program Directors regarding wait times and case assignment. Communication with MCE’s if a youth is waiting for 14 days in order to agree upon a protocol and ensure that the protocol is followed. Communicate with other external services to determine program vacancies.

Provide reports as may be required to MCE’s, Gandara Administration, and Quality Assurance.  Use of MABHA to locate and connect families to the appropriate services and agencies.  Collaborates with other necessary individuals the youth and family may have contact with, such as Bureau Case Managers, Probation Officers, Judges, District Attorneys, Attorneys, Teachers, Physicians,  etc. Will contact these key people by telephone frequently, invite them to Care Planning Team and ICP meetings, and provide them with copies of the ICP. 

Master’s degree in educational psychology or a related field or the equivalent using a credential agency plus 2 years of experience as a clinician or related with knowledge and experience with the children’s behavioral health initiative, Wraparound services, behavioral health assessment and mental health diagnosis.  


Salary: $51,500/year

Send Resume to:

Rebeca Hierro-Pardo

Gandara Center

933 East Columbus Ave., Springfield, MA 01105


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